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You can bring in almost anything and they will turn it into a lamp for you. Gorgeous lighting and lamp shades! Great gifts and service!

I came to Kindred Spirit because of my horrible experience at another Pagan shop. I will never go elsewhere! The employees are so wonderful. So kind and caring, very professional, very courteous. They will order anything you need if they don't have it. The shop is bright, cheerful atmosphere,

The first time I visited Taste Unlimited I was hooked. The food is Wonderful, very filling. If you want something quick to eat thats healthy this is the place. Try the Ceasar Wrap with chips and a Nantucket drink!

Excellent Store. Press Review in Richmond, VA Cool Place, Cool people. A-unique store.Gifts Shop, Aromatherapy Products, Home Decor, Fashion Style Handbags.Men's Skin Care Products 4V00 distinct man.

This is a great little wine shop in the incredibly cute Shirlington community. Very friendly knowlegable staff plus a free wine tasting everyday.

This is the best all natural bath and body store around! I went in looking for a gift but wasn't sure what i wanted or needed. The sales person, Aaron i think, helped me pick out the perfect gift. I selected a few products and he wrapped it all up in a natural sponge and decorated beautifully!

One of our favorites, we usually go for breakfast and on the weekends it can get pretty packed. But it is so worth it. Grandpa's Country Fried breakfast is awesome as is the hash brown casserole and fried apples. Everything I've ever had there has been really good. I love going when they have

This store is breath-taking! The jewelry is gorgeous, and I even found my mother-in-law's favorite tea (Lyons)! Great for gifts! I defintely recommend to anyone wanting to have a little bit of Ireland in their pocket!

My children absolutely love the Children's Museum. It is clean, historic, educational, freindly and knowledgable personell, and I highly reccommend this as a great fun place to take your children. My friends also love taking their children to the Children's Museum

This store was almost taken away during a tornado in suffolk last year. The owner is very sweet and the store has amazing country and americana things in it. I rated it an Excellent for customer service and the flow of the store. Driver, suffolk has lots to offer and it reminds you of the old

Very nice flowers; good arrangements; delivery charge a little high.

The fish on Fridays is just to die for. The service and staff are friendly and attentive. There tend to be a lot of smokers at this restaurent so if you can't stand smoke, either go on an off hour or wait until you can get a table closest to the cashiers. At least if you have to wait and it's

I loved the charming shopping center, we had lunch at the pub next door, and found more gifts then I had expected inside the Golden Pineapple. I fell in love with the unique selection of collectables, and the Virginia/country style gifts. A great place to bring friends, or just to pick up some

Great price on cigerrets and cigars. very helpfull and friendly personel.

This place has the nicest shadow boxes around. They have the best prices on boxes, engraving and gifts. Amanda & joe are the best!

This is a great place to shop for home decore, garden accessories, baby items and Vera Bradley products. The merchandise is unique and won't be found in many places in the Richmond/Mechanicsville area.

Excellent service, excellent workers, the shop is always neat and the shelves well stocked. the workers are always pleasant and don't mind stopping to help the customers.

A very receptive shop, to people of all types. Alot of art to choose from, plenty of custom work experience, as well. Very clean facility and great staff from the door back.

My husband commented that these are the absolute best tasting hot sauces he has had - he enjoyed them so much we have re-ordered. His favorite was the Chipotle flavored one.

We ordered custom patches from Debbie and they were beautiful. We have made several orders since and have always been pleased with the excellent workmanship and turn around time. Kris

Food is great, service is not bad. Only drawback is last time I stopped in here, they still were on a limited menu, not sure when they go to a full menu but hopefully soon.

I love Andersons and I spend way too much money in there. I wander around and ask whomever is nearby if such and such would work in my yard. Not only do they stop what they are doing to answer, but then go out of their way to show me what might compliment what I already have and what works

MUST VISIT TO CALM & GROUND YOUR SPIRIT AND TO ENRICH YOUR SOUL. For the spiritually active person seeking enlightenment & knowledge about the worlds around you, visit Sacred Circle to indulge your inner self. Take a deep breath when you walk through the door and enjoy those good vibes that

Best kept secret at the beach.You think it's just cement statues but go inside and find the most unique and unusual gifts.If you can't find it there it's nowhere.

From the very begining, something drew me to the store. From the first time I noticed it I was drawn in. I adored this store while in the area. I felt more at home in Mystic Moon than in my own duplex. And to be honest, the people are what kept bringing me back. I was learning so much from

I love this store! and the manager! its so cool! NOW HIRING! ALL POSITIONS! CALL (804) 741-1244!

I lOVE CRACKER BARREL! It is a wonderful place to eat with friendly, sometimes dingy waitstaff. The food has always been good and very reasonably priced. COme hungry because you always end up with a plateful of food

My husband and I were very impressed with the salespersons and ended up buying a watch. If I need jewelry again I will go back.

Taste has the best deli food at the beach! It is the fist place I go for any food gift or specialty item. They offer outdoor picnic style dining. Food is made to order but they do have some items pre-made if you are in a hurry. If you have never been you need to go.

Every time I go to Studio East I always feel at home. The staff is great, they treat you like family. They always listen and My hair always looks and feels great. I use their products, studio east moisture shampoo and silk renewal conditioner and I mix hoi choi styling cream with a pump of

Offers a great selection of dog collars and dog toys and loaded with unique pet related gifts and treats. I've been all over and this is the best one yet!

I can always find something in this store even if I'm not looking for anything. It is arranged well and tons to choose from!

LaMuse will make you laugh out loud and reflect on how good life truly is. It's a must-see experience.

Nancy's Nook is staffed with very friendly people who won't make anyone feel uncomfortable. Their selection is pretty good considering the size of the place. Prices can be a little high but it's the same at most adult stores. Never saw any creepy people there either. Singles, couples, straight,

I have been to many many museums, etc in my day. and this is as well put together as any of them. I enjoyed it. The tour of the Wisconsin was great the gentlemen aboard it to help you are great. I wouldn't reccomend taking children unless you have no interest in seeing anything yourself, they

Creepy skulls, incense, herbs, jewelry, giant butterflies in frames. Gifts for those who are difficult to shop for. All kinds of glass art, and independent artist's work. Rock on!

The Love Shack doesn't look like much from the outside, but the interior of the store is a classy and spacious arrangement of all kinds of sexy goodies. They have a good selection of toys(including toy wash- a necessity which I haven't been able to find anywhere else locally), lubes, videos,

A great place in the DC area to find collectibles, and one of a kind fashions. Not just Chinese but Scandinavian and Italian designed plates and glass ware can be found here along with an eclectic mix of smaller items. A fun place to browse if you are in walking in Alexandria.

Shocking to see I'm the first review. Quite possibily the best gift shop ever. The gift wrapping service is priceless.

The service could not have been worse. the server was very rude when we ask about qustions about there tea, as we were dumb not to know. told the mananager, he seemed to not beleve us.

Hundreds of unique and beautiful gifts - Reasonable prices.

The business is a very small town style. The staff is sweet and will do anything to help you out. It is in a large city but keeps the small town atmosphere.

They always have the best cards and beautiful wrapping paper. I was recently looking for Hannukah paper and found it there, when all the other stores I tried were only selling Christmas paper.

I called the store about an some ornaments that I was looking for and just wanted to know if they were available in store. The sales person not only helped me with my question, she actually put the ornaments on hold for me to purchase when I am able to get to the store. I am very impressed

The coffee is fresh roasted by hand and it is Delicious! We had the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and we can't wait to order another variety!

The ladies are prompt and all about buisness! I would highly recommend them, they have baskets for all occasions.and you can personalize you know you can't beat that! PS if your child goes to Hampton University (like me) and doesn't have access to a car they do care packages that come

Very Very Very nice art in there. A little pricey for some of us less fortunate people but if I had the money I would definately spend it there.

It's hard to get your kids out of the store. There's just so much to look at, you want to buy it all. Out of town visitors like it too. It's a great place to find toys that are just a little out of the ordinary.

Offers beautiful products from around the world. Products are high quality and high end; but the store also has affordable treasures for everyone.

We just got our furnituure and it is beautiful. Thank you for working with us.