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This company does great work and makes such beautiful giftbaskets for a reasonable price. I love all the Northwestern products! I've ordered two so far, and also recommended them to several friends; we've not been scammed as the others said. They were delivered in a timely and beautiful manner,

Ordered a gift basket for parents for Christmas. They charged my debit card $95, never delivered the gift, won't answer email, and--surprise--their voice mailbox is full and you can't even leave a message. This company is a ripoff.

I ordered a gift basket from them a week ago. They gladly took my money but never received the basket. All their numbers are disconnected and I emailed customer service; they replied back asking for the confirmation number and never received another e-mail. No information is available for the

This company was happy to accept my money and incredible shipping costs but forgot to process the order. I had planned on sending a nice birthday present to a friend but it was never received. They don't have people answering the 800 number plastered all over their website and they did not

By and far better than that imposter other oregon gift store!

Had a great time shopping this hometown family owned business. Two Sisters working together have a great time. Knew their product and very creative with arrangements in their cooler and did a great floral vase for my Mother In Law which is very pickey. She loved it, lasting a long time too!

Super Great! Can pick out your favorite scent and add it to bubble bath, body wash, and massage oil. Great gifts for people.like to give family the Portland Rain scent. Water Lily bubble bath is fun too!

I visited the store for the first time and was awed at the beautiful decorations. A must to go and see any time of the year. Their coffee mochas are great to have while shopping. I highly recommend this store, they have something for everyone.

This is a cute little locally owned store. It holds many different collectibles and changes with the seasons. The is a great place to pick up a gift or just add to your wonderful decorations.

I was looking for a specific card for a special occasion and one of their staff, I think her name was Chelsea, helped me find just the right one. It is a great store!

I wish I was rich! There are so many pretty things in this store. They get all decked out for all holidays and have perfect gifts and home decor. If you ever need a gift this place is perfect. You should get a gift for yourself too.

Great prodcuts and wide assortment of everything

I've never found more delicious cordial cherries anywhere. Handmade in small batches, fresh, and delicious. Yum.

Rick Rogers shop is a neat little gem in Albany's downtown area. They have thousands of Classic movies, in all genres, on DVD. And if they don't have they'll order it for you.

I love the store its great has something for everyone i love to go there and shop they have shoes, bags, jewelry and more the owner is a nice women and the store is great so if you have never been there u should go sometime and take a look.

So many lovely gifts to choose from and thoughtful employees to help in the search. The merchandise if of fine quality and beautifully displayed. I enjoy shopping there. Lots of parking available and even the shoppers seem to soak up the pleasant atmosphere of the shop.

I love this store and if I could live there I would!

To find a little treasure trove like this in a sleepy little town like Cottage Grove Oregon was a real treat! The shop is filled with high quality imports and a great deal of spectacular artifacts from local artisans. Just walking into the shop you will be compelled to say over and over. Wow!

This is the best drugstore I've used in my lifetime that makes you feel important, like you really exist and the first time that Ian the pharmacist met me, he talked to me like a human and the next time I went in he knew who I was immediately.I think everyone in this area should use Sutherlin

This store HAS IT ALL! Super friendly owner,breathtaking items,what can I say? Go see for yourself!

This is a wonderful alternative store with a SUPER friendly and helpful staff. We do alot of shopping there when we can.

I just fell in love with this trendy, unique store. It is filled with all kinds of wonderfull things from stylish handbags to home decor and art. Their prices are unbeleavably low and the customer service was so positive.Its a great place to go spend time with your girlfreinds shopping! Thanks

They make fresh pelmeni here and sell them by the pound. they are so good. i love this place

I am from Alaska and I visited this quaint yet classic staple of Portland when I was in town and it is brilliant. I loved everything about it. The prices, the atmosphere, everything was a taste treat and visual feast for the eyes. Brilliant. The proprietor John Anderson was wonderful to work

Always excellent service, designs, and quality products! Berlee's Fancies really delivers gift baskets that are 'designed to impress!'

How can I shop with you on line when your beautifull store is not virtual? I love your goods and wish I could see them on line. wishing you all the luck of the irish! ( and I mean after the potato famin!) may the God & Goddess dance in the garden of your heart. Always!

If you're in this area, definately stop by this gift shop for that special unique gift. It's small but has some nice stuff. The clerk is friendly and helpful.

I have to say if you are looking to bring your self to an all new level Carma's shop will make you feel very happy as well as welcome, becoming aware of things you may not know tapping you on your forehead can always surface with calmness and meditation. Looking to turn over a new leaf and

I first saw these great candles at the Corvallis Fall Festival a few years ago. They are so beautiful. When I called the # on the box she told me that they are sold year round at The White Rose in Albany. They are the most creative product I have ever seen and I'm glad to find a year round

Great place to get incense and rock t-shirts and other great stuff.

Great selection of eco friendly, handmade, artist direct goods. Super friendly owners work in the store, totally willing to offer custom designs, jewelry repair, gift baskets and wrapping and so much more!

Great prices. my friend used to work there, before he went to jail. Dude, when I save up enough Im totally buying the volcano. Dibzzz on that

The largest selection of cigarette and Hookah tobacco you will ever see in one store. Yiu can make a carton of cigarettes for as low as $7.65 a carton or you can go crazy and spend $15.00 a carton for the best quality tobacco available. You can make filtered cigarettes that look just like you

I went in to Tuesday Morning, not knowing what it was, and WOW I was really impressed! It has so many wonderful items, if you get to go bring your friend they will love it!

If you are into irish stuff, or need Irish dancing shoes et al, this is the place to go. The owner is from Ireland and is a great shopkeeper in the old irish tradition.

GREAT learning experience if you are into scientific theories.and hands on experience.I have been her 4 times 2 times with my school on a field trip.it always has new interesting things going on.

This is the greatest salon I have ever had the pleasure of going to. It was fabulous and the service was splendid.

This is an awesom store! If you visit you have to try the drinking chocolate. I went shopping there when I visited Portland last December and got a bunch of Christmas presents, very unique and high quality chocolate. The owners seemed very knowledgeable and will help you shop and suggest products.

I think the last person to review this store was the owner. The prices are not cheap, they are on the high side. I do like this store. a familymember passed away and we wanted a flag to go on the casket. We knew that we would find it there so we made the hour and a half trip. the employees

I was in the Discovery Channel Store today. After giving a brief discription of the video I wanted, the sales associate located the video.which by the way was on clearance.

These are the best candies! There are all kinds of exquisite flavors. I like to go in and pick and choose a pound or half pound box to fill. Amazingly, the wait staff are actually very helpful and pleasant, a rarity here in Portland.

It's not even close to a Japanese garden. Nice, but big and empty. Save your money and go to a park.

Happened into this store while up in Portland. Great collection of unusual and really funny stuff. Stop in when you can! You won't be sorry!

Fun store they have one at the coast too (i think cannon beach).good prices

The Chinese Garden is my favorite tourist attraction in Portland. Tours are at 11 and 12 but the brochure is good enough that you can get the information for yourself too. Beautiful garden in the middle of Chinatown Portland with water features and courtyards and wonderful plants all designed

Jennifer and Steve Willis are amazing artists and people. I own 5 of their pieces and can't wait to add more to my collection. You have to see their custom pieces in person to fully grasp their talent.

Lots of cool and unique gift and art items to be had here.

A great little shop with very friendly service. They're willing to spend time with you to show you how to play any of the wide variety of great games they have. Germany produces a an incredible number of boardgames, and this store imports the best ones for young kids (and no, you don't need

This is a great lil stor to pick up accessories, like gay pride jewelry, accessories to spice up your love life, and some essential drag queen gear.gotta love it.this is a hot spot

Cool stuff, funky stuff, great help. Loved it!