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I was very disappointed when I went to return some minature lights I purchased a few days ago. I plugged them in and they did not work. I had purchased two other boxes and they worked fine. I went back today to exchange them and was told they would not do that. They wouldn't give me my money

I love using this website for unique gifts for my friends and family. I always buy something for myself too. I've always received my purchases quickly and satisfaction is guaranteed.

I like it. its nice. it smells good in there. [end of review].

Betty's shop carries various gifts, mostly focusing on 12 Step Programs. She is one of the most pleasent people I've ever met.

I think that everyone should go at least once. There is so much you can learn, and it's such an amazing eye opening experience. From my experience there I learned so much and it made me want to learn more. I don't think it's something that people would frequent though. So far they don't have

A beautiful garden center year round. The holiday displays are a wonderland. If you enjoy gardening, you have to go to Donzell's.

I took our German Shorthair Pointer and the lady working was a great help, helped me get him in the tub, he wasn't too sure about the steps! Great friendly workers, extremely friendly and helpful and I had no mess to clean up. I will be back!

Just went there this evening and it was wonderful. We live in Akron and were up in the area for dinner and a Cavs game. I called and asked the hours, she stayed a few minutes after she had closed to accommodate me and she was so nice and helpful once I got there. I needed to find a Christmas

The staff was very friendly, knowledgable, and helpful with all of my queries about their lingerie. The store itself is quite big as adult stores go. Very clean looking, and well organized, with a VERY nice fitting room. I would completely reccommend this store to anyone looking for a good

The food is outstanding and all homemade


This place is pretty hit or miss. Some of the servers are friendly and do an excellent job and some are awful! Same thing with the food, sometimes it is great and other times it is cold and doesn't taste good.

Pam is an artist who can create any type of balloon decorations that you could imagine! She amazes me every time I place an order! It is always above & beyond what I was hoping for. Her shop is filled with lots of unique gift ideas! Stop by, you won't be disappointed!

A great place to go.my favorite place to get incense and pipes for tobacco.good selection of body jewlery.the BEST place ever to find different band t-shirts! lots of other this and that things.this place gets the best rating from me!

What a wonderful store. All of the employees were helpful and went above and beyond to make sure i got what i wanted. I love this store.

They Are Awesome! They have the most talented tattoo artist! I got my tongue pierced by Timothy. I was so pleased how well he did that I brought my husband in to get his first tattoo, then the next night I went in and got my second tattoo done by Gabrielle. Then just today I went in and got

We have had several arrangements from Elizabeths. The flowers are on the expensive side but are beautiful and long lasting and always delivered as promised.

I live in columbus when shopping for flowers online it's not always easy when you can't see them, but at Becky's Cottage Floral I can always count on beautiful arrangements that will brightens that certain someone's day! Thanks!

Only been there once, a few weeks ago, but I choose this as one of my Top 10 places to eat! The food is outstanding! I had a salad, and it was so big, I almost couldn't eat it all.a SALAD! I went with a few friends, and we all shared from each other's plates. I loved the little shop, inside

There the best whipped eggs! Wish you had a website to order online.

Neat, Friendly and Professional tanning salon that made it so relaxing!

Love this place! This cozy little store has been around for years, and even though it is not very close to where I live, I have visited it several times and plan on going back. This store sits upon a hill and is what the hippies used to call a head shop where one could purchase, mmm, smoking

I LOVE THIS PLACE! You can find just about anything in here from furniture to pictures. I bought a bottle of wine there that I love.can't seem to find it anywhere else.

Friendly service great prices. They even offer to wrap gifts! True excellant old time curtiousy and service.

Searched on the web. and found what I needed. Great!

This store is above and beyond most. They have a very upper class style to it, the manager of the store obviously has a good eye for products and the staff is superb!

I especially love their cupcakes with frosting on top and in the center. Workers are very friendly and courteous.

Fun store with friendly people. You can always find clearance items. Alot of selection.

All of the Chocolates are wonderful. It is a place that you will have to try.

Have used Morris's for many, many years and have never been disappointed with the quality of their floral arrangements or friendliness of the folks on the phone. You can't go wrong using them for your floral needs.

I love this art store! Kilimanjaro has great african art, and jewelry as well! I go in there sometimes just to browse and look at all the amazing pieces! This place has beautiful african masks! If you love african art check this place out when you are in Cincinnati.

When shopping downtown of Columbus, my boyfriend and I came across Cowtown Art store, we went in just by chance and fell in love with everything in it. We spend at least an hour walking around this tiny store just amazed at all the neat things. We also went back one more time before our vacation

This place is great whether you're a buyer or a seller!

When we're ready to play and get into some extracurricular adult activities, this is where we go to get all our toys and play things.

I love this place. they have a great selection of candy and gifts. the staff is very friendly.

We had our living room and dinning room decorated not just a paint job but I like to call it wall art. The living room finish is restful and warm comforting to the soul. The dinning room was the real challenge. There is an arched or barreled ceiling with a decorative metallic cooper look. The

This store is really great.the employees cannot help their customers enough. Even when calling on phone they give you there undivided attention to help you in every way. All of my Brighton and Pandora items are brougt from this store.only because of there employees. Linda Papanek Linda Papanek

I have been using Frew & Jackson Florist for the last 17 years to send my grandmother flowers and I have never been disappointed. They know my grandmother personally and they have come to know her taste in flowers. They are the best florist in town. I have called from Arizona and Idaho and

Perfect massage. (You can definitely tell she's been doing this for a while.) I have had pain off and on in my right shoulder for years now and I was almost getting USED to living with it. Now that I get regular massages, I can honestly say this is the best I have felt in a long time. Jeanne

We stopped into the grandview store on our way to dinner at Z. The smells brought us in and we ended up making our own candle. Perfect for a date!


This is the best candy I have ever eaten! I lived right down the street from this store most of my life and I have traveled across the country.no candy can even come close to this!

My 2 little girls thought this was just fabulous, we got strawberry tea and had sandwiches.then scones with clotted cream and jam! It was so scrumptuous, we asked for more scones (they had a special pumpkin scone for the season, that was my favorite!) and another pot of tea!

Very Pleasant and helpful also very informed on their products

The name says it all. Items are extremely unique. It carries items by local and regional artists/designers. Whatever the price range you are in, and whatever you are looking for (paintings, lamps, furniture, purses, jewelery, etc.) Something Different is the best place to shop for gifts. After

If you have ever ventured into Mustard Seed Market.Stroll past the fresh produce,to the deli in the back. Stop. Look Up. There perched high atop the deli counter,encased in glass,is the cafe. If you take the stairs to the left. It will wind like a treehouse escape. And what an escape it is!

I truly enjoy going to the Family Christian Bookstore. Not only do they have such great things but they have a wonderful and very helpful staff. If you are a member, they have wonderful sales and discounts. I went to the store 3 times in one week because they were having such good deals and

I love, love, love, love this store! So many beautiful and unique gifts such as handmade jewlery and hair accesories, hand-dipped insence, home decor, ect.

Visited this quaint store during the gallery hop. adorable gift ideas and apparel. Bought a baby book as a gift for a friend who had recently had a baby. she loved it, and the illustrations, highly recommend.

I am originally from the Cleveland area, and have relocated to Columbus, when I return home for a visit, a stop at Amana Islamic Fashions is always on my list. They carry beautiful abaya's and jilbab's, hijabs in every style and design, even top quality niqabs (face veils), the have a huge