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Wow! Great product, great presentation, great delivery service. And I ordered them from 800 miles away! My sister sent pictures of the bouquet she received, and it was perfect! I can't thank them enough. They are very accommodating, and prices are reasonable. I highly recommend, and will call

I went to Lake Forest and it is WONDERFUL! It far exceeds any of its competitors in taste, From hand dipped rasberries to candies - I even hear they are going to be adding pastries to the mix - You can bet that I'm looking forward to that - so much for their competition, as these guys are too

I absolutely LOVE this store and the idea behind it, but to be honest, the cookies are just a little overpriced for everyday celebrations. I can special order a cake or cookie at other places for much better prices- if the prices were lower, I would definitely be a regular customer. The cookies


Loved this establishment! Visited for the first time two weeks ago with my daughter (who is a student at Mizzou) and my sister who came along with me to visit. We live 6 hours away by car, and this was a great treat for us all. Will be back for sure!

The sales people couldn't have been more helpful, the prices were not outrageous, had some of the coolest stuff I've ever seen. Can't wait to get back in the area to go again.

This is a really neat shop. Antique furniture is used for displays. They have affordable merchandise. The young man who does the floral arrangements is probably the best in this area. They always give you full value for your money.

This is a quaint little shop that is worth a visit. It has something for everyone. Gourmet foods, picture frames, bath products, and some of the most up to date trends - jewelry, scarfs, and decorating ideas. You can grab a coffee and browse at your own pace. It has some of the same things

This is a great 2 story antique shop with so many different kinds of items from souvenir items to many themes for home decor items, which includes but not limited to country-farm like theme to cowboy western related items. They have many Candy and fudge selection. Sour worms taste great. The

A sorry excuse for a tobacconist. Ridiculous pricing, incompetent staff and a dismal selection are the hallmarks of this retailer. Do yourself a favor by moving on past this place and do your shopping at Just For Him. They are light years apart in every category.

OMG this store is the bomb and you can find like anything; bibles, christian books, apperal, games, jewelry, CD's, movies, an accesories for ipod. ipod nano, and ipod shuffle.

No matter alternative practice you are into you will probably find something there. They have a little of everything and every time I go I have a lot of fun whether I am looking for something in particular or I just go to browse I find myself looking around for hours. There is no place quite

I love Good Works! I bought a bedroom and Living room set. The staff was always wonderful, delivery went perfect and quality is very good. I'm coming back for more.

These are the best candles I have ever had, won't buy any other kind again. The nice thing is that the people who make these candles live right here in Columbia.

This a cute salon for children and teenagers. We had a really good experience.

Very nice store w/ very nice personel: Once part of the Very Intimate Playthings empire, I'm glad the broke away. Store is a bit small and crowded but they have a great selection and the sales staff is very friendly and helpfull. Heel selection is ok at size 10+. No problems w/ a man (CD)trying

Generations has a lot of aromatherapy products. Sharon is a big help with related information. They have lots of nice candles. I have found cute picture frames here, and they have several nice journals to write in.

Best pharmacy ever! Fast and courteous! Also the assistant manager went out of his way to help me get the product I was looking for! He picked it up from another store and called me the next day to let me know it was ready fro me to pick up! Outstanding!

This adult store seems small but the arcade is great. There are great pay-per-view booths. I was in one that had a glory hole, it was totally awesome.

A great shop for people in the KC area, it has a varity of everything.

I just want to say that i love this company i use them for most of gift giving needs. You can check out their some of the baskets at www.myspace.com/thoughtfulllc

Ooooooooo, double five stars! Waverly House is the ultimate in home decor. They have bowls and vases in wood, glass, porcelain, and stoneware. You can find Mackintosh Enamels and Danforth Pewter. Upstairs is a fine art gallery with paintings and sculptures. They have a christmas room with high

SEVEN DOWNTOWN IS THE BEST DOWNTOWN PLACE IN THE CITY! Great food, amazing staff, quick service. The drinks are not as cheap as some trashy place like Buzzard Beach, but who wants that besides hippies and trashy people? The drinks are moderate to expensive, but the atmospere, service, and aura

The store is a pleasant experience and has a variety of books for straights, lesbians, and gays alike. I was only disappointed that the magazine rack and calendar rack was filled with beef cakes which is cool, unless you are a vegetarian.

My husband started a charm bracelet for me as an anniversary gift and every year we make the trip to Countryside Cottage to pick out a new charm that will represent a milestone from that year. They have the best selection of anywhere I have seen! Lots to choose from and many different styles

This store is full of unusual gifts. Pottery, lotions, jewelery, Christmas ornaments, all different from what you see in chain stores. You will love to just look but also see a lot to buy.

The Bionic Apples are to dye for! The carmel is some of the best I have ever had. They are soooooo yummy.

Enjoy browsing through the largest selection of fine cigars in southwest Missouri. Choose from dozens and dozens of pipe tobacco blends in both tinned and bulk form. Choose from a huge selection of pipes and smoking accessories.Relax in Just For Him's customer smoking lounge where you are welcome

I have found that their selection of quality pipes and tobaccos is above par, and the buying experience to be pleasant enough.

A store for those of zesty good taste! I love the flatware, the glassware, the high quality cookware. This store is different and classy. I first found it in Chicago, and the STL stores compare in quality, if not variety. The sales people at the Clayton store can be a little tense, and a touch

Trenique is a great place to get unusual gifts and great decor for your home. The custom order lamps are awesome and they are the only store that carries the Manhattan Diffusions (I have one if every room of my house). I love their selection of products and ever changing inventory. Worth checking

I think World Market is an excellent place to decorate your home and I found a little known detail.they sell cheap jewelry! The jewelry is superb, and low priced. I have a fetish for fashion jewelry so I'm glad to find World Market sells this. Also the jewelry is durable, has lasted me for

The St. Louis Artists? Guild's first Metzger Memorial National All Media Exhibition, held December 16, 2007 until March 1, 2008 has given the St. Louis community, through the generosity of a former president of the Guild, a fine?cross-section? collection of art ranging from realism to abstraction.

Natural Light has some nice smelling soy candles. I love the look of a lit candle in the evening. It makes a home warm and inviting. I light up on a daily basis (lol). Seriously, all my friends say my home has such a peaceful atmosphere. I believe it is because of the candles and tabletop waterfountains.

The theatre here is awesome, you can't get a bad seat in the house. Always fun, and the staff is some of the friendliest people there are.

They are very rude and inconsiderate to the customers. Everytime my mother goes in there, which is unfortunately quite often as they are the only nearest Hallmark to where she works, she said that the daytime staff will not help her/check her out until they have finished whatever gossip conversation

Haven't tried their cakes but I have tried their bars. The bars would probably be much better if they kept them separated. The bars tend to take on the flavor of the others around them, especially when a bar with mint flavor is placed in the same pan as others. Whn they fix this little problem,

Love this place! Super cheap rentals 3 for 6 bucks. Have great titles and the staff knows their stuff.

Love Kerry's Cottage! Best Irish store in the city! Big store, not overly cramped merchandise in tiny space.

This place has a lot of things to choose from when it comes to adult gratification and games

WOW, New, clean, bright with a helpful friendly staff that doesnt give you the creeps. I like the idea of try on panties to be able to try on lingerie and leave the store with a perfect fit. I have shoppped this store and the store on Page, not the one in St. Peters yet, but I probably wont

I recently visited Silver Gypsy for the first time, and I was very pleased and impressed with the selection of quality jewelry & the excellent personal service. I purchased a ring and have been very happy with it!

Ever since I walked through your doors I have remained loyal. Ok one time I went to Sunshine Daydream but I was thinking of you the whole time.

Eating there reminds me of eating at Grandma's house. Everything was really good if you like home cooking, you will love this place

They have it all when it comes to chocolate. I have never been in a chocolate shop that had so many truffles and and chocolate bars to choose from. Definetely a must for chocolate lovers

This is the party store I would chose in the Springfield area anytime I need party supplies. There is always a wide selection of party supplies and other necessary items you may need for any celebration you are having. The prices are about average compared to other party stores, maybe a little

Third Degree glass factory is a must see when they have the open house nights! Live music, live demonstrations and merchandise for purchase. Check out the restroom artwork when you go.

We took our 7 year old daughter and she loved it. She was a rockstar and loved being pampered. Her friends and her all had a great time. The girls who were working were great and even helped load the car after the party. We figured it up and actually spent more last year for the pary at home

This place is great for kitchen stuff with a modern flare. Not your mother's kitchenware at all.