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This store is so amazing! Its not raunchy like most stores. there is one of everything out on the shelf as a tester so you know what you're buying and the staff are incredibly well versed and comfortable to talk to.

Ingrid and husband are great people and they have a nice shop. Now, if I can only get them to find Bauer Roggen Brot like I used to get in NYC.

If u like TY beanie babies, they sell them there. They also sell a variety of other gifts and great cards at good prices.

This is a quaint little cafe that provides all the comforts you may be looking for in a bookstore experience. We enjoy picking out books to peruse and then sitting down to a nice warm cup of. whatever our choice is to drink for the day. and maybe a slice of something to nibble on while chatting

Low prices on shipping, very friendly, very knowledgable about e-bay.

The business has been here in South Portland since 1969. I look on the shelves and I see all kinds of wonderful things made of ceramic: cookie jars, figures, animals, dolls special ordered items such as reunion cups and more. I can't describe in words what goes on. Classes are taught how to

Awesome store; friendly staff. Love it! Thank you. Regards, Rolly

KMD florist & Gifthouse never lets me down. They have great customer service and a notable variety of beautiful flowers, at reasonable prices. I think of them anytime I need flowers for an occasion as they are a dependable resource.

I walked into the shop just to browse and came out with so many goodies that I had have her ship some home to me in Ohio! VERY high quailities items! I kept finding more and more hiden treasures and fell in love with them! I have never felt more at home than I was here and I hope I get to go

Excellent service, beautiful wrapping paper and greeting cards that go beyond run-of-the-mill. They also have printing service for invitations and stationery and a nice selection of stationery related gifts. A great shop!

Get every kind of lighthouse (and Maine in general) themed merchandise you could ever dream of here. Need a 4 ft wooden lighthouse? It's here. Fridge magnet maps of Maine? They're here. Plush lobsters? Yep, they have that here. This place is great. Stop in on your way back to wherever you drove

I could have spent hours in this shop. Relaxing wonderful atmosphere with loads of unique items in the shop. Owners very helpful and friendly. It seems I was not the only one that has discovered this shop.

This is absoultely THE best little gift shop in downtown Bath, I wish I would have discovered it sooner. It has quirky gifts, an awesome selection of designer clothing for young women, gobs of accessories, small kids toys, unique bath and beauty products, funky home decor and ultra-unique formal

I love this store different exciting clothes and awesome accesories, the sales clearks are always friendly and helpful!

Has great gifts! Candle, incense and more. Just an all around awesome store. The only one thing that bothers me is they don't have the clothes in BIG girl sizes.:(

This company has original artistic painted scenic background papers for scrapbooking and crafting as well as gorgeous marbeled finish cardstock papers! Just gorgeous. Unpretentious, artistic and FRESH. If you're tired of seeing the same old thing, give them look.

For those who have not set foot inside the Christmas Tree Shop your missing quite an experience. There are so many bargains.something for everyone. Gift items, furnature, home decorations, craft items, food, toys for the kids and so much more. The selection always changes. Friendly service

365 Days of Christmas on Rt.27 in Belgrade, ME, has the same atmosphere and amviance that the old Christmas Shop in downtown Bangor (on Main St.) had in the late 80's and early 90's. Sadly I thought that type of store was lost to the commercialization of the big city and malls. I am glad to

This place is AWESOME! we travel an hour each week to go here theyve got EVERYTHING from cacti and succulents, flowers of course all kinds of herbs, exotics including banana trees! Reasonably priced!

Such a fun little place to shop! Inviting atmosphere with wonderful selection.

We went into Roly's to get some gelato but my wife got distracted by the free sample of fudge. She finally succeeded in getting me to taste something I was sure I would not like. Wow! Not too sweet while being crumbly - just like my grandmother used to make. Now I am addicted to the stuff!

This place is amazing. Being a country & primitive decorator I was in heaven.this is one of the biggest country decor and gift shop stores that I have ever been in. it makes you feel so good to just be in a place like this & gives you great decorating ideas for your home! I absolutley LOVE

Placed order online. Very FAST shipping. A real pleasure to deal with. A+ in my book.

If you like to explore the new and edgy this is great! Always something new and fun and many items are standard fare. Fun T's and clothes, jewelry exotic items and books some nice scents and incense, wind chimes and statuary, as well as a collection of pagan items always a fun time too much

I have been going to the craft co-op for years - since it originally began closer to the lighthouse on Bristol Road & then in the house on Snowball Hill Road. It always features excellent quality work, friendly faces & good prices. Many items in my home are from there & I treasure each one.

A plae with fine meals and magic view - just visit it!

I have done, and will continue doing business there. The selection of Boyds Bears,candles, and country decor is wonderful! The owner and her husband are the best to do business with! Have never had a bad experience there.

Great place to shop if you love country! However, don't think about returning anything; the attitude is enough to not want to go back. They tell you that they take returns, no problem. However, when I returned something a week after I purchased it I was treated like a second class citizen.

This is our favorite Webkinz outlet. They usually have what we want, but if not, they'll order it. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Keep up the good work.

Harolds sells pretty much the same stuff that every other store at old orchard beach sells. boogy boards, skim boards, sweatshirts, bathing suits, sparklers, beach toys, and hermit crabs. i like it better than all of the other stores though because its quick to get to from the beach and theres

The shoppe itself is very spacious and airy. The book inventory is wonderful and the mixture of stock is quite varied. The staff is extremely pleasant. I really enjoyed simply wandering around and looking at all of the different knick knacks, books and decks they had available. I had a wonderful

What a great store for X-mas shopping. The Copper Candle provided me with everything I needed for the holiday season. Great prices and a large selection of items to choose from.It's a must visit.