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We are lucky to live close to this little gem. We have been going here for years. They have the best german potatoe salad and since they purchase their meats from Klemm's, their meats are fresh and delicious. Their award winning pastries and cakes are so good. We can't leave without a sweet

Prices are a little high but they are totally worth it for a perfectly customized gift.


Love the friendly service. Everytime I go there I am treated with respect from the helpful, friendly staff. Keep up the good work.

These candles are wonderful. I lit one and it scented my whole house! Try them and you will not be disappointed.

Wonderful service. Upfront about price and availability. Helped me get just what I was looking for.

I love the people there they are very friendly and they give you all the help you need. Also the set up of the store is really neat they have statues of the disney characters on the walls and some of the even move. The kids love it! I also think they have a good selection and wonderful sales.

Professional, knowledgeable, friendly staff with a great selection. You can tell this store is owned by a musician!

Prices on cards are good but you'll have to wait in line forever to pay for them. Place is usually always busy so be prepared.

Great job on weddings she really has great taste and is a genuinely sweet and nice person.

They have a bunch of cubs stuff and bears stufff too! and i am a huge cubs and bears fan so it is aweosme :) and they have cute other stuff too! :)

I strongly recommned going to the store rather than ordering online. The in store prices are much better than the online store. Always have made me a satisfied customer, beautiful flowers!

This Hallmark store is very neat and the workers are wonderful! They are there to help with all your needs right up into you check out! Clean and easy to find things!

There are several ways people approach eating candy. One of the main two is nostalgia for a specific candy and the other is the adventure some candies offer; some people just like enjoying their tried-and-true treat from their childhood and others love to try the newest and craziest candy for

This shop is outstanding for meditation relaxation in a stressful world that we live in. A far out place in the country breathes spirituality. I live in Round Rock Texas now but I used to reside in Warsaw.I can't find a place like this in Austin or California that I visited. If you live out

The staff has always been very helpful. I love finding new things, and asking questions. Who wouldn't like to return?

Country Images is such a great little store. I have been going there since i was somewhere around 6 or 7 years old. I use to go in there and buy all kinds of candy any from the big Charleston Chew candy bars right down to the 2 cent candy. I also used to get all kinds of different toys and

I've eaten here at least 50 times. Pro: 1) You find old-fashioned menu items here that you can't find anywhere else (grits, sawmill gravy, etc) and they also have turkey sausage availabe as a healthier alternative. 2) There is plenty to see while you are waiting for a seat, plus the fun triangle/peg

There is never a time that I go to this store and don't find something to purchase. They have gifts for those hard to buy for friends and relatives.

If you want GREAT gift baskets, this is your place. My husband is in upper mgmt with a major healthcare company and Deb and Indy City Gift Baskets takes care of ALL his customers, has for years and is wonderful at it! We had tried so many places before we found this place. Beautiful and well

This store has neat card games. I thought the help was easy to talk to and good prices. THe only CCG store i can find in the area but a quality store none the less.

It has everthing you can just about image and alittle more with a few surprizes.

This store is amazing! The have so many things to choose from. It ranges from any book you could possibly need, to childrens religious videos.LARGE VEGGITALE home decore. The staff is also friendly and very helpful. They also have a small program there with your purchases that

Dana is awesome and so helpful.I love this store!

We were very impressed by the zoo. Felt it was much better than Louisville's and even a bit better than Cincy. The only thing that could make it better is wider halls in the Oceans building and wider parking spaces.

I love this place. When ever I'm in the mood for a real dinner and not something frozen, I get cracker barrel to go.

What a joke. Their prices were high and the little guy working there didn't know squat. Lots of freaks hanging out there at the last event. Not a group I want to smoke with.

My daughter and I had decided to go to the Anchor Room in search of a Rosary and other items. We did not find much help, short-staffed as I was told, which is fine. There was ONE female working in the copy area that did tell me that they had a sister store called Abba House to find items such

We love Nancy and Wendy. We have taken our dog's to them for grooming and have always been very happy. You can tell they really love their furry customers. And when we tell our Baby Girl she's going to see Nancy she gets so excited. They also have a great gift shop too. I can't think of anything

One stop shopping. Good location, good prices. Has the stuff, the look and the necessary creative accessories.


We went there.July 3, 2003 for our wedding anniversery. I JUST picked up my new wheel chair an hour before.and we went right there to the ZOO. My wheelchair would NOT fit through the doors to the snake exibit, the outback adventrue or the restrooms. Thank goodness I can stand up for a short

This store has all my candle needs. The only place better then Wicks n Sticks is Illuminations.

Very big store with wide selection. Salesmen very helpful. Neat Halloween costumes.

I love Stoner's! They have a great selection of magic tricks. Dick is very nice, and a great magician! Stoner's also has a lot of costumes, and many other fun items. I personally think that the downtown location on Maine has a better selection of items than the one on the northern side of town.

I really enjoy going to the Vineyard, even if I don't end up buying anything. Their selection is astounding and the staff is very knowledgable and friendly. The prices are a little steep, which is why I usually just look around and then put stuff I want on my Christmas/birthday list. They have

In my opinion Cracker Barrel is the best breakfast for the lowest price in Indianapolis. I also love stopping at this chain when I am traveling because of the book on tape rentals! The store is a good place to look for gifts for the kids and older people.

There are all kinds of wonderful fair trade items here. Be sure to get your coffee and teas here!

Wonderful Store with Great staff ready and waiting to serve you.

OMG.I could do some serious damange in this store! I am so glad they cleared the place and it is easier to get around in my wheelchair in there!

This frame store is by far the most talented I've ever seen. Very professional personal. Mary S

Trans-plants is always so quick to return your call, answer your questions and fit your schedule. Each job that I have been on, whenever and however, I us Trans-plants! I have ordered several gift baskets and each time I see the recipent that go on and on about how nice their present was, and

As a kid, my parents would take us to the French Market down in Columbus and we would come home with the car loaded with imported teas, spices and what have yous from the Continental Mall there. To our disappointment, they closed and rumors that Anderson's in Lima are closing - so my husband

In the most part i give good reviews on yankee candle in fort wayne both north (glennbrook mall) and south (jefferson pointe) preference for customer service would definately be glennbrook mall location on coldwater road but the jefferson pointe location has great employees as

It has wonderful crystals, insence, rocks and other things for your spiritual needs. We shop there often and it's a wonderful store.

Great food,quick service with seating in a common area of the mall next to Anastasia's. Nice selection of gifts within Cheer Baskets. Also offer large selection or custom turned wood pens by a local artist. Very good overall experience.